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Joey's Luv in every bite Joey's Luv in every bite

Joeys Black and White CookiesTestimonials

I am  a 65 year old exiled New Yorker trapped in South Carolina. One of the things we miss most is black & whites. I ordered a case from you for Walt's birthday last week. Imagine my surprise to learn after all this time that all black & whites are not created equal!!! Yours are extraordinary (for lack of a higher superlative). The icing is thicker than any we have had before ANYWHERE. The chocolate icing side is not just brown, the chocolate taste was a complete surprise. I am not one easily impressed, but you have raised the bar.  Now I know what to order for homesick New Yorkers.... and the rest of my family in New Jersey as well!!!!
Looking forward to frequent flyer status with you.

Walt & Cyndy 

Thanks to the good folks at Joey's, who make my favorite Black and White Cookies!
DDT, Phoenix, AZ

I have to admit that sometimes my husband gets jealous of your product.  Whenever I eat a Joey's Black and White Cookie, I can get quite verbal, and have even been known to moan out loud.  They are so good that sometimes they're (dare i say it?) BETTER THAN SEX!
MZ, Tenafly, NJ

Joeys Black and White Cookies

To Whom It May Concern,
  I recently went to the Grand Opening of Gandolfo's New York Deli in Oxnard, California. As a gift to the first 100 guests they handed out a Joey's Black & White cookie. Now let me say that I am on a diet. I workout every day. I am in better shape at 32 years old, after having 4 children, then I ever have been. So I try to stay away from sweets. I gave the cookie to my 19 month old son, Phoenix (please see attached pictures) and he loved it! I took ONE BITE of that cookie and...now I workout extra so I can have one of those cookies every week! They are amazing! I love to bake and have dreams of opening my very own bakery someday! I feel like it's now  become my mission to let the world know how incredible these cookies are! :) I just wanted to write you a quick note to say YUM! Good job! Maybe someday when I have my bakery I can sell your Black & White cookies! I guess I'll have to stick to cupcakes cause there's no way I'm beating that! Thank you for your time. Have a great day. :)
Sarah Riley
Ventura, Ca

I've been a fan since the mid-eighties, and i have to say, there's no better treat than Joey's Black and White cookies!  Being originally from New York, I still need my daily fix of Joey's Black and White Cookies...so PLEASE keep on baking them!
Davo, Los Angeles, CA

Hey Joey, As a displaced New Yawker I was delighted to find a Joeys Black and White Cookie in my favorite deli.  Truly a delicious treat. There really is "Luv in Every Bite" Keep up the good work!!
Jimmy D. Los Angeles, Ca.

Joey's black and white cookies are by are the best black and whites out there.

To The Powers That Be at Joey's.......... thank you for the delicious Black/White cookies.  They were sent to us by my cousin Francine in NY....... we live in Texas and no one here knows what a black & white cookie looks like!  Your black & white cookies were a wonderful Valentine surprise-- and I know we'll be ordering them again.  One bite and it felt like we were at a NY bakery! 
Thank you--- L B,  TX.

To Everyone at Joey's Fine Foods,
Just a note to say thank you for your fine Black & White cookies.  I ordered two dozen of them for a surprise 70th birthday for my mother-in-law.  I live in Colorado and the party was in Las Vegas where the family was in for a wedding.  My wife and I knew with all the transplanted New Yorkers there that something like these cookies would remind them of home.  Plus, black & white cookies are a favorite of my mother-in-law's.  Boy, were they a hit!  Some ate them right away and some took them home as if they were never going to see a real one again!

 I also want to give a special thanks to Nick and the crew in the shipping department.  I was staying at a hotel and they had very specific labeling instructions for receiving the package.  Nick followed my instructions to the letter and I received the package without a problem.  Also, the cookies were extremely well packaged as there wasn't even a crack in the icing on any of them and stayed fresh right up to the day of the party! 

 People who aren't from New York/New Jersey really don't get it when people who are from there go on about missing good bakery when they move away.  It's companies like yours that help us show the rest of the country what they've missed out on by not having spent some part of their lives living there.

Thanks again for helping my wife and I make our party that much more special with your great cookies.